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Hypertext atlas of Dermatopathology

Hypertext atlas of Dermatopathology

Hypertext Atlas of Dermatopathology contains thousands of clinical and histological images of skin diseases. Virtual microscope interface is used to access histological images available in very high resolution. The Atlas is available in English and Czech.

Hypertext Atlas of Dermatopathology is a collection of about 3200 dermatopathological, mostly histologic images. Methods of high resolution image acquisition were used in digitizing the collection of skin lymphomas (Dermatology Institute, University Hospital, Zurich), which is a part of the atlas. Image resolution for reference histological images is high. Obtaining high resolution images requires a system, capable of composing large image from individual smaller components. Such systems must thus be capable of automatic taking individual image parts, shading compensation and fusion of the image parts into one large image. The distribution of such images over the Internet requires developing a suitable user's interface with access to the image details. The ways of creating high resolution images (virtual slides) and the interface enabling access to image details using Internet browser is described .The atlas is continuously maintained and upgraded. The number of contributors is growing.

The main chapters of content:

  • Skin biopsy
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Non-tumorous skin diseases
  • Skin tumors
  • Cysts of the skin and subcutis
  • Dermatovenerology

Porokeratosis Examination of polarization microscope



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Keywords: non-tumorous skin diseases, skin tumors, cysts of the skin and subcutis, dermatovenerology

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Creative Commons LicenseContribution content is subject to licence Creative Commons Uveďte autora-Neužívejte dílo komerčně-Nezasahujte do díla Attribution 3.0 Czech Republic
author: Josef Feit, Hana Jedličková, Zdeněk Vlašín, Günter Burg, Werner Kempf, Luděk Matyska | organization: Department of Pathology, First Department of Dermatovenerology, Faculty of Informatics | published on: 17.4.2008 | last modified on: 2.2.2010
citation: Feit Josef, Hana Jedličková, Zdeněk Vlašín, Günter Burg, Werner Kempf, Luděk Matyska: Hypertext atlas of Dermatopathology. Multimedia support in the education of clinical and health care disciplines :: Portal of MU’s Faculty of Medicine [online] 2008-04-17, last modif. 2010-02-02 [cit. 2019-08-22] Available from WWW: <>. ISSN 1801-6103.

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