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Paediatric ENT

Paediatric ENT

The electronic textbook “Paediatric ENT” provides the basic description of individual ENT organs, their examination, possible pathological conditions, and therapeutic principles. The textbook provides the basic knowledge in the field of paediatric ENT and essential knowledge required to pass the examination.



  • Comments on embryology of the ear
  • Clinical anatomy of the ear
  • Examination methods of the ear
  • Congenital defects of ear
  • Diseases of the external ear
  • Diseases of the inner ear
  • Tumors of the ear in children
  • Auricle injury
  • Otogenous inflammatory complications
  • Differential diagnostics of ear diseases
  • Basics of ear surgery


  • Comments on nose embryology
  • Clinical anatomy and physiology of the nose
  • Examination methods of the nose
  • Congenital anomalies of nose
  • Diseases of external nose
  • Diseases of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses
  • Tumors of nose in children
  • Nose injuries
  • Inflammatory complications of nasal diseases
  • Basics of nose surgery

Oral cavity and pharynx

  • Comments on embryology of the oral cavity and pharynx
  • Clinical anatomy of the oral cavity and nasopharynx
  • Examination methods of oral cavity and pharynx
  • Congenital defects of oral cavity and pharynx
  • Adenoids and hypertrophy of palatal tonsils
  • Inflammations of oral cavity and pharynx
  • Inflammatory complications of oral cavity and pharynx diseases
  • Disease of salivary glands
  • Tumors of salivary glands
  • Tumors of oral cavity and pharynx
  • Injury of oral cavity and pharynx
  • Odontogenous complications in ENT

Larynx and trachea

  • Comments on embryology of larynx and trachea
  • Clinical anatomy of larynx and trachea
  • Examination methods of larynx and trachea
  • Congenital defects of larynx and trachea
  • Inflammations of larynx and trachea
  • Tumors of larynx and trachea
  • Injuries of larynx and trachea
  • Larynx innervation defects
  • Differential diagnostic of dyspnea
  • Basics of laryngeal and tracheal surgery


  • Comments on embryology of esophagus
  • Clinical anatomy and physiology of the esophagus
  • Examination methods of esophagus
  • Congenital defects of esophagus
  • Inflammations of esophagus
  • Tumors of esophagus
  • Injuries of esophagus
  • Esophageal varices
  • Differential diagnostics of swallowing problems
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pdf Larynx and trachea Download - Larynx and tracheaOpen in new window - Larynx and trachea 4.4.2016 217.56 KB anyone
pdf Nose Download - NoseOpen in new window - Nose 4.4.2016 249.31 KB anyone
pdf Esophagus Download - EsophagusOpen in new window - Esophagus 4.4.2016 164.83 KB anyone
pdf Oral cavity and pharynx Download - Oral cavity and pharynxOpen in new window - Oral cavity and pharynx 4.4.2016 255.5 KB anyone

Keywords: ear, nose and throat medicine, otorhinolaryngology, paediatrics

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author: Ivo Šlapák, Klára Bartoňková, Michaela Máchalová | organization: Department of Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology | published on: 4.4.2016 | last modified on: 4.12.2018
citation: Šlapák Ivo, Klára Bartoňková, Michaela Máchalová: Paediatric ENT. Multimedia support in the education of clinical and health care disciplines :: Portal of MU’s Faculty of Medicine [online] 2016-04-04, last modif. 2018-12-04 [cit. 2019-09-18] Available from WWW: <>. ISSN 1801-6103.

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