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Mgr. Eva Budinská, Ph.D., budinska(at)

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Analysis of genomic and proteomic data

Analysis of genomic and proteomic data

This e-learning educational textbook is dedicated to analysis of data from genomic and proteomic high-throughput experiments, such as microarrays, MASS spectrometry, 2-D gel eletrophoresis and DNA sequencing.The book discuss all the important analytical steps from pre-processing through differential gene(protein)-expression to pathways and meta-analysis of multiple experiments. Interactive examples in R and lectures in video format are provided. This educational material contains contributions of different experts in the field from all over the Europe. The content in this e-learning material will be up-dated and extended so that it reflects the latest knowledge in this field.


author: Eva Budinská | discipline: Biology, Genetics, Medical Informatics and Information Science | published on: 13.1.2010 | last modified on: 13.1.2010 | Creative Commons License