Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine MU,

Essentials of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry

Author: Jiří Dostál, Hana Paulová, Eva Táborská, Josef Tomandl

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The English text has been created for one-semester course of medical chemistry. It is assigned for the students of English program of General medicine and Dentistry studies. The textbook summarizes essential facts from chemistry and biochemistry. The selection of topics emphasizes the biochemical processes and the metabolic conversions of compounds occurring in the human body. The knowledge of presented facts is necessary for understanding metabolic processes on cellular and organ level in the following studies of biochemistry

Blood taking

Author: Eva Táborská, Hana Bochořáková, Hana Paulová, Josef Tomandl, Jaroslav Winkler

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This video recording is destined for supplementation of the instruction in Clinical Biochemistry in biomedical disciplines and deals with the description of procedures used in the taking and processing of blood. It gives a concise documentation on the preparation of the patient prior to the taking and the procedure during the taking of venous blood. Emphasis is laid on the use of the closed system of blood taking. Mention is made of the transport and storage of samples, procedures of the taking of plasma and serum, and of obtaining and processing capillary blood.