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Oral mucosal diseases – repetitorium and atlas

Author: Lydie Izakovičová Hollá, Antonín Fassmann, Hana Poskerová, Petra Bořilová Linhartová, Jan Vokurka, Zdeněk Daněk

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This electronic publication includes a textbook and an accompanying image database of pathologies of the oral mucosa. The introductory chapters cover general knowledge of the oral mucosa. This is followed by chapters on individual diseases, including differential diagnostic notes. All patients whose anonymized images were included in the Atlas agreed with using the images for educational purposes. The chapters covering rare diseases were supplemented with photographs from book atlases to make the electronic image database of our atlas as complete as possible.

First Aid e-learning

Author: Tereza Prokopová, Tereza Vafková, Václav Vafek, Daniel Barvík, Martina Kosinová, Petr Štourač

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The First Aid e-learning summarizes the basic topics of first aid in six chapters. The material is updated according to the latest recommendations of the European Resuscitation Council published in 2021. The below-mentioned version of the website is intended for the general public. For students and lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine of the Masaryk University, there is an extended version, which is supplemented with organisational information and video lectures.

Pediatric otorhinolaryngology

Author: Ivo Šlapák, Dalibor Janeček, Lukáš Lavička a kol.

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Tutorial text Pediatric otorhinolaryngology is the basic text with informations about the embryology, clinical anatomy and physiology, investigations practice by the ORL diseases for study of otorhinolaryngology. Text is divided in chapters for the preparing for examination in otorhinolaryngology.

Pediatric oncology for medical students – e-learning programme

Author: Viera Bajčiová, Pavel Mazánek, Karel Zitterbart

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The electronic textbook "Pediatric oncology for medical students” provides a comprehensive overview of the age-specific differences between pediatric tumors and tumors of the adult age, importance of the age for diagnosis of cancer in childhood, factors influencing treatment decisions and the risks of anticancer therapy.. General section of the textbook provides a concise overview of the fundamental differences between pediatric and adult oncology, age specific clinical presentation of of the most common pediatric tumors, basic diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities of malignant diseases and last but not least the importance of organisation and centralisation of pediatric oncology on national and international level. Special section of the textbook offers an overview of the common and rare malignant tumors in children from epidemiology, etiology, clinical presentation, diagnostic procedures, differential diagnosis to treatment modalities and prognosis. The third section is devoted to emergencies and acute toxicity of anticancer treatment in pediatric oncology. The last section of the textbook offers the review of the most common late consequences and late effects in childhood cancer survivors. The textbook is designed as a basic information of principles and practices in pediatric oncology for pregradual students of medical faculty. The main goal of textbook is the understanding and basic knowledges of the pediatric tumors. Another aim of the textbook is to learn students how to work with literature and literature database search.

Essentials of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry

Author: Jiří Dostál, Hana Paulová, Eva Táborská, Josef Tomandl

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The English text has been created for one-semester course of medical chemistry. It is assigned for the students of English program of General medicine and Dentistry studies. The textbook summarizes essential facts from chemistry and biochemistry. The selection of topics emphasizes the biochemical processes and the metabolic conversions of compounds occurring in the human body. The knowledge of presented facts is necessary for understanding metabolic processes on cellular and organ level in the following studies of biochemistry

Interactive algorithms in the education of selected acute medicine topics

Author: Petr Štourač, team of students and teachers creating the educational contents of the AKUTNE.CZ portal

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Algorithmization and procedural management of the therapeutic process has become very popular as quality management systems have developed and health care quality has been assessed. It is obvious that a procedurally-thinking physician can react more efficiently, promptly and economically to critical situations which are so abundant in acute medicine. The interactive educational algorithms on the portal AKUTNE.CZ have been developed with the aim of simulating decision processes in acute patients. The ultimate aim of the algorithms is to make students remember the correct procedures which are necessary for the management of acute situations. This comprehensive work contains 24 interactive algorithms both in Czech and English language which deal with various acute medicine topics. It covers acute medicine from prehospital care to highly specialized hospital care.

Epidemiology of malignant tumours in the Czech Republic

Author: Ladislav Dušek, Jan Mužík, Miroslav Kubásek, Jana Koptíková, Jan Žaloudík, Rostislav Vyzula

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In September 2005, a web portal on cancer incidence and mortality in the Czech Republic was released with the primary objective to provide representative data on this topic. Providing relevant information on cancer epidemiology in the Czech Republic to foreign partners is another key objective of this project. Extensive information on cancer epidemiology in the Czech Republic is now available to anyone who wants to find out more about the situation in Czech regions, to compare Czech data with the foreign ones or to examine long-term incidence and mortality trends for individual cancers, for example.

DIOS - Dose Intensity as Oncology Standard

Author: Daniel Klimeš, Ladislav Dušek, Jindřich Fínek, Miroslav Kubásek, Jana Koptíková, Lenka Šnajdrová, Petr Brabec, Jan Novotný Rostislav Vyzula, Jitka Abrahámová, Luboš Petruželka

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The DIOS project was launched in 2006 with the primary objective to enhance the oncologists' awareness of the significance of dose intensity monitoring in anticancer chemotherapy. Another objective was to develop a fully electronic version of chemotherapy regimens which could complement the Principles of Cytostatic Therapy in Malignant Tumours, published by the Czech Oncological Society of CMA JEP. The advantages of the electronic version include easy updates, as well as the possibility of direct use for clinical practice and/or educational purposes. The electronic standards can also be used as templates for hospital information system databases.

Hypertext atlas of Rare Lymphomas

Author: Josef Feit, Leoš Křen, Mojmír Moulis, Zdenka Křenová

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Hypertext Atlas of Rare Lymphomas contains clinical and histological images of some rare hematologic/lymphatic malignancies of children. Virtual microscope interface is used to access histological images available in very high resolution. The Atlas is available in English and Czech.

Hypertext atlas of Neonatal Pathology

Author: Marta Ježová, Sylva Hotárková, Katarína Múčková, Ondřej Souček, Pavel Vlašín, Josef Feit

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Hypertext Atlas of Neonatal Pathology contains clinical and histological images of various forms of neonatal pathology. Virtual microscope interface is used to access histological images available in very high resolution. The Atlas is available in English and Czech.