Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine MU,

Selected chapters from general pharmacology for students of general medicine and dentistry at FM MU

Author: Leoš Landa, Jan Juřica, Kristýna Nosková, Ondřej Zendulka

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This text covers selected chapters on general pharmacology including fundamental pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, routes of drug administration, classification of drug dosage forms and their main features, adverse drug reactions and drug interactions. It is intended for students of general medicine and dentistry of English study programmes at the Faculty of Medicine MU.

Practicals in Pharmacology

Author: Eva McCaskey Hadašová, Jana Nováková, Jana Pistovčáková, Jana Vinklerová, Alexandra Šulcová, Olga Starobová

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The text provides an introduction to general principles and rules for prescription of drugs in various pharmaceutical dosage forms with examples of individually prepared preparation prescriptions in dermatology, otorhinolaryngology, surgery, ophthalomology and for treatments of the CNS, respiratory and digestive systems disorders. There is also an introduction to phytopharmacotherapy and a chapter dealing with information on principles and ethics in experimental pharmacology.