Assoc. Prof. Eva Vlčková, emoravcova(at)

NewMed: New Era in Medical Education

Author: Eva Vlčková, Petr Štourač, Eliška Bartečková, Vojtěch Bulhart, Martin Komenda, Pavlína Kosíková, Martina Kosinová, Monika Pávková Goldbergová, Daniel Schwarz, Boris Turek, Tereza Vafková

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During the spring of 2020, due to the advancing pandemic of COVID-19, there was a need to move teaching to the online environment in a short time. This need has affected all universities in Europe, but the position of medical faculties is specific in the fact that a large part of teaching takes place in the form of practical exercises and clinical practice, as well as in the fact that senior students were heavily involved in volunteering, which placed great demands on their time possibilities, which are limited even in normal times due to the complexity of the study.