Hypertext atlas of Pathology

Hypertext Atlas of Organ Pathology contains teaching materials for pre-graduate students. It is under construction and in full version so far available in Czech language only. The English version contains only chapters with images to enable image sharing (see bellow). The interface is similar to the Atlas of Dermatopathology. Many macroscopic and microscopic images are available, as well as images from CT and MRI scanners and endoscopes.

Macro- and microscopic pictures play the key role in the pathology diagnosis and education. Collections of annotated digital histological images are being prepared and an interface offering convenient way of dealing with high resolution images and their descriptions was developed. The atlas will be primary used in pre-graduate course of pathology at the University. The atlas should have contained text with the table of contents and index, pictures with arrows showing important features. No special software or hardware should have been necessary to use the atlas. 

The atlas is accessible using standard JavaScript enabled Web browsers. There is always one main window with the text, table of content, index, active section headers and other hypertext links, and links to individual images. All the images are displayed in separate windows. The 900*900 pixels images are used as standard resolution pictures, the higher resolution images (2000*2000) are displayed on demand in a separated ``magnifying glass'' window. This interface can be used to compare several pictures displaying them in the same time and providing also a tool to focus on the most important parts of the large windows. Use of the higher resolution images leads to no information loss through this process. The interface could mimic the fine focusing of the microscope that provided the picture and is a series of images taken in consecutive planes of focus.

The main chapters of content:

  • Cardiovascular pathology
  • Patology of the lungs
  • Patology of the newborn and infants
  • Patology of the lymphnodes
  • Patology of the bone marrow
  • Patology of the spleen
  • Patology of the thymus
  • Patology ot the kidneys

Sample of Hypertext Atlas CT image


Feit J., Matyska L., MED22/401: Hypertext Atlas For Pathology Education, J Med Internet Res 1999;1(suppl1):e64

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