Random access analyser (HITACHI 917)

Author: Milan Dastych, Jaroslav Winkler

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The automatic biochemical analyser Hitachi 917 is a prototype of high-capacity selective analyser. It has a capacity of 800 photometric tests per hour and the possibility of selective choice out of a range of fifty biochemical tests. This involves spectrophotometric methods that utilise measurements of absorbance of the reaction mixture in a cuvette at various wavelengths. A part of the analyser is an ion-selective electrode module for the determination of sodium, potassium, and chlorides. The duration of the video is 17 min.

Selected chapters from paediatric surgery

Author: Ladislav Plánka, Jana Bartošková, Štěpánka Bibrová, Robert Doušek, Matej Husár, Yvona Kaloudová, Břetislav Lipový, Robert Macháček, Jan Škvařil, Jitka Vokurková

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This set of educational materials is dedicated to selected topics in the area of paediatric surgery: minor surgery, neonatal surgery, introduction to traumatology, visceral traumatology, acute abdomen, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, surgical oncology and congenital malformations of the gastrointestinal tract; moreover, the battered child syndrome is mentioned as well.

Selected chapters from orthopaedics

Author: Richard Chaloupka

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The educational contribution introduces the selected chapters from orthopaedics, namely arthroscopy, low back pain, treatment of bone tumour pain, spinal cord compression, surgery for back pain, osteoporosis, scoliosis, spine deformities, and spine trauma. The material provides the basic and essential knowledge required to pass the examination.

Paediatric ENT

Author: Ivo Šlapák, Klára Bartoňková, Michaela Máchalová

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The electronic textbook “Paediatric ENT” provides the basic description of individual ENT organs, their examination, possible pathological conditions, and therapeutic principles. The textbook provides the basic knowledge in the field of paediatric ENT and essential knowledge required to pass the examination.

Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff

Author: Kateřina Fialová, Marie Nováková

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The tutorial film "Isolated heart perfused according to Lagendorff" presents the basic methodologies used in experimental cardiology, which involve isolated hearts perfused according to Langendorff. It covers up-to-date trends in experimental cardiology. The film may be used at medical faculties and related schools. This instructional material has been created under the support of the University Development Fund of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, project no. G3 1271/2008. This show is shortened version of 29-min movie.

Pathophysiology practicals for General Medicine and Dental Medicine courses

Author: Kateřina Kaňková, Lukáš Pácal, Michal Jurajda, Lydie Izakovičová Hollá, Julie Bienertová Vašků, Michal Masařík, Anna Vašků

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One of the possible approaches to study human diseases and their complexity is to use non-human experimental model organisms.Electronic downloadable textbook “Pathophysiology practicals for General Medicine and Dental Medicine courses“ for students of pathophysiology in General Medicine (VLA) and Dental Medicine (ZLA) courses aims to serve as a practical manual during the practicals and tutorials.