Research Activities in Dentistry

This teaching material is intended for students of Dentistry registered for the subject Research Activities in Dentistry. The aim of that subject is to improve the students' knowledge of the scientific advancements in dentistry and closely related fields, to motivate students to participate in research activities, to augment their scientific ambitions and, therefore, to lay grounds for their postgraduate studies and scientific career.

The teaching material is a collection of lectures divided into five sections:

  1. Introduction, Basics of methodology in scientific work, Evidence levels in dentistry, Clinical trial methodology (not) only for dentists, Questionnaires and psychometrics, Introduction to biostatistics,
  2. Genetic association studies and oral microbiome,
  3. Lipoxins and resolvins in the treatment of periodontitis, Use of nanofibres for application of bioactive substances in the prevention of oral diseases, Obstructive sleep apnea (not only) in children from the perspective of a dentist & orthodontist, Congenital developmental anomalies of the orofacial region (cleft defects), Research and development of modern oral pharmaceutical forms, Mucoadhesive films designed to cover defects of the oral mucosa, Head and neck cancer – clinical studies, therapy, microbiome, 3D virtual planning and reconstruction of the lower jaw,
  4. Modern methods in studying the development and maintenance of the vitality of the tooth, Odontogenesis – use of alternative model organisms,
  5. Translational research in life sciences: challenges and possibilities.
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